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Mean 90 + switch...

Mr. E

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could be good for what? (except kill switch, i'm already doing that)

I'm trying to squeeze the most out of the pickup, but i dont really think there is much i could do... BUT if you have an idea then help me out.



Edit: it's only one pickup (bridge), no neck and bridge set.

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No much if anything. Since the P-90 is already a single-coil pickup, you can't really have a coil tap switch they way you could with a humbucker.


About all I could think of would be either a volume control bypass (for solos) or some kind of tone switch that'd let you select a less bright sound for flexibility without having to fiddle with the tone knob. It might take a while to find the right capacitor value though; I'd try something like a .005 or .010 µF, something in that range... or else you can just use another .022 µF and fiddle with the resistor values to simulate your preferred tone position..

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