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I think I had one neck from him.. ages ago.

I don't recall much except that it was really nicely done.


I've talked to others who have bought from him, and he's got a reputation as one of the more consistent of the Hong Kong lutheirs around.


I've heard people say his work is more accurate, more fine, than some. And there were those who claimed to have never gotten anything less than what he promised.


I have gotten dinged up guitar bodys, and bad fretwork from some importers. But never have I heard anyone say that Bruces work was

anything less than above average in all aspects.


I believe his output is less than most, and he does more of the work himself.


and I believe the people I was talking to, as they had no interest in anything but sharing that information.


'bout all I can say is that I've heard good things about the guys work pretty often. Though it's been quite a while.




he has the usual outlook.. that is, chinese people have different designs in mind than westerners. But boy.. it sure is pretty isn't it?

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