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A Couple Items Of Possible Interest / FYI


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I spent sometime this weekend looking for a bass guitar. (Yes, a bass guitar?) One stop was at the local "Guitar Trader" shop. They're a Gibson/Epiphone dealer and sometimes have unusual stuff. The items I found that might be of possible interest were:


4- New Epi "Wilshires, all with Cherry Red finish. These are the only Cherry models I've seen. (other than pics) These were beautiful examples. I played one unplugged, nice neck, (cream binding) very playable and the craftmanship was excellent. I wasn't sure we'd see the Cherry one's here. (California, USA) I haven't seen any available from the usual online dealers. If anyone is interested in a Cherry "Wilshire" and can't find one, I'm willing to help.


2- New LP "Studios, in Faded Red finish. Here's the kicker, they had full cream binding on the bodies and necks. They also had chrome covered humbuckers.... WOW!! I played around with one these too, very nice!! They were EE Serial NOs. Again, if anyone is interested in one of these, I'm willing to help.



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