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Pics of My New SG Custom w/ Emgs


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Well picked her up for $250 used this morning. Guy said he hadnt changed battery for pickups. I played i once i got home and it sounded pretty week. Changed battery and wow, now this thing overdrives my Blackheart Little Giant 5 watt at any volume! I know that the speaker and tubes need to be changed, but wow is that normal, everyone else has to crack the **** out of there Epiphone Valve jr or Blackheart or use an attenuator. I know these pickups are hot but even at 3 watt setting with volume on 1.5 its overdriven. This thing plays great, was worried about the heavy *** neck and light body , but its very balanced like a strat!!! I AM VERY HAPPY!! How Do I Add pics to this text????? Anyone Help?

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you've got a hot signal going into your blackheart.. with power added.. hot output pickups can give you some dirt.. but with the battery and electronics in there it's just pushing the front end of the amp really hard..

back off the volume it wont hurt...!

your tone will stay very much the same.. and you can use the volume control to add dirt when you want..

just crank the amp up to where you like it loudest.. then back off your volume until it's where you like it otherwise..

I usually run my modded epi vj at 2/3 volume and use the guitars controls for what I need from it.. I love it that way!



and congrats happy new guitar day!

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