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I just purchased an epiphone DOT, (This was an online purchase from a retailer)


However i have noticed that one pickup is not working.


I managed to remove all the pots and pickups to check it all out, only thing i saw was on the volume pot, only one out of the two pots was grounded to the bridge. so i hooked up the other one to the loose wire. Not sure wether this was a factory mistake.


I put everything back together fine, but still didn't fix the problem.


The soldering on all the electrics doesnt look particurlaly neat but not sure if this would affect it.



Any ideas before it goes back to the shop? Possibly a dead pickup? any easy way to check this?





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If it was a local store i would have taken it straight back but since i baught it over the net, im trying to get them to collect etc. As they should have checked the guitar before it left.


Its not the best looking guitar (Its straight black finish) but i shall try to get in contact with the store tomorrow i guess.

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Clarkuss: I got it from guitarguitar I noticed your from Glasgow have you any experience with this shop? :)


i bought my sheraton II from GuitarGuitar, if you buy it from the shop you get a one year guarantee with them anyways.

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