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Changing out Casino Pots


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Anyone have any advice for changing out the pots on my casino. The tone pots need to be replaced. My problem is my hands are not small enough to fit into the sound hole to hold the pot to screw back on. There has to be a trick or a tool that someone would use to accomplish this task.

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What most do is tie a string or wire to the pot shaft which is run through the hole..

then pull the string up until the pot comes through, and put the nut and washer on.


You have to have the pot turned all the way opposite the direction of the nut, so it stays in place while you tighten it down.


Be sure you get metric shaft pots, usa will be too large.


there's a youtube video.. but I don't have the url.

Feel free to ask more.

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First and foremost, do not drink coffee before you perform this task! You will probably want to scream and break things at least once during this procedure. Take it nice and easy.


Take out all your electronics through the f-hole. Throw throw them all away except for the tone caps.

The holes are smaller on import guitars, so either use metric pots or enlarge the holes a little first. I recommend that so you can use nicer CTS pots.


Get a piece of cardboard and mount your new pots, switch, & output jack to it in the same pattern as the guitar's holes. Use those old tone caps unless you want to try some Orange Drops or whatever. The stock ones are probably fine though. I recently tried some Orange Drops and didn't notice any difference.

Wire the harness all up, leave a tiny bit more slack between the pots & switch than you think you should. Wire your pickups through the f-hole to the harness, too. Don't forget about that ground wire!


Stop and test your wiring through an amp now so you don't put it all together and discover that it doesn't work. This is known to make a grown man cry.


Then get some string and weave a piece down through each hole on the guitar body, up through the f-hole, and tie it to each corresponding pot shaft. Be sure to put those underneath lock washers on the pot before you tie the string on! Label the other end with some masking tape, it might help avoid confusion later.


Now start pulling the strings, feeding the wiring down into the f-hole and into up into each hole in the body. Be careful about it all getting twisted!


Once it's all lined up inside , drop the nut down the string and tighten it all up.


If it doesn't work, go take a walk instead of smashing your guitar!

When you get back, check and see if anything got twisted and the wrong wires are touching the wrong lugs or parts of the switch, causing a short. You might need to just move some wires around in there.

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