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Has anyone polished their black pick-guard???

duane v

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I just took all my gold hardware to the plating services.... Man am I worried about my pup covers, because I called Gibson and they no longer make the Gibson stamped pup covers anymore. I really wanted a back up set just in case, because they are so thin. The owner re-assured me that it's piece of cake... so we will see


Anywhoo, I was wondering what chemical should I use on my pick guard to buff it out.... I need to be careful because it has RANDY RHOADS engraved, and it has a gold filler to it, and I don't want to F-it up. I also don't want to yellow the borders of the PG either.... Any help here would be great, and keep in mind the PG is still in above average shape.

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I've used plastic polishes from both Mothers and Meguiars both are very good and I wouldn't

hesitate to recommend either. I tend to favor the Meguiars a little but they are very similar.

Brasso also works very well as a starter to remove deeper stuff but I always come back over

a Brasso-ed piece with either of the above. There is a product called Novus that is probably

the best. Comes in grades 1,2, and 3 although as I recall the last one is more of a protectant

for after polishing. I believe it can also be purchased direct in some very small quantities. If

not I'm sure they can get you a supplier but about any sheet plastic supply is likely to stock it.

In your case if the engraving is filled you'll need to take extra precautions since most of these

are gonna buff that right off. That said, I like to duct-tape several folds of cotton diaper to a table,

saturate the material with the polish, push the PG face down into this flat, table-supported trough

and move the PG vigorousy forward and back, and checking it occasionally. This is quick and really

effective at getting both the edges and the face as you can move the thing fast enough to

generate some heat like a buffer would without the dangers of machinery being involved. Just

make sure to keep your material wet and use like material to remove the residue after it gets

to the point where you want it. In your case - you'll probably have to do this with a fingertip in

a much slower and deliberate fashion to aviod the printed area. You might be tempted to use a

buff on a Dremel. I don't reccommend this due to size and speed; it's very easy to burn a piece

up before you know what happened. Even if not destroying it- leave swirls and streaks IN the

plastic. So just go slow by hand, stay off the print as much as possible, and you'll be fine. BTW

there is a really nice, (but $$$), Gibson embossed pup on Ebay right now. It's about 5 days from

ending and is listed as being in 9+ condition. Said to probably be a '75 cover on a '77 vintage pup.

(that may be the other way 'round), but it looks new. To anybody trying my above method, I think

you'll be amazed at how far you can bring back plastic using this proceedure. Find the most dogged-

out piece you've got and give it a try sometime.....remember it will buff off printing however.



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I use Mother's products on my car. AutoGeeks is a good source. I like Meguiers stuff too. Most product nowadays is on the mild side. Not sure what you mean about the Randy Rhodes engrave. Got a pic?


My pal that details cars on the side polished it up for me, and it came out pretty darn nice... He even removed the rust where the drilled holes are at.....


As for the pic???? I was hoping to wait until the guitar is finished ..... (fret job, and the re-plating of the hardware)...

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Here's a pic of the PG....... It's pretty interesting looking at my warranty card and receipt from guitar Center in 1981... The receipt reads "vintage white les paul custom randy rhoads" .... The salesman got the color wrong, it should read creme... #-o


Anywhoo.... Is Gibson still "A Division of Norlin Indistries, Inc."???????




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Gibson embossed pup on Ebay right now. It's about 5 days from

ending and is listed as being in 9+ condition. Said to probably be a '75 cover on a '77 vintage pup.

(that may be the other way 'round)' date=' but it looks new.




$550 for these lol!!! I can buy a guitar for that price....


I wonder why Gibson discontinued these, they are very nice looking pup covers





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duane V -- Norlin Era about 1969 - 1985 split into two periods sorta


1st- from '69-'76 crossbanding or sandwiched bodies and loss of angle from headstock occur

as quality suffers due to merger accquisition of company by CMI headded by Maurice H. Ber(LIN)

and ECL headded by H. (NOR)ton Stevens -NORLIN.


2nd - from '77-8 to '1985 started more or less when Tim Shaw came into R&D and brought production

standards back to previous specs.


see this link: http://forums.gibson.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=1766



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