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Need help finding a case for my 12 string


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I just bought an UnSung 12 string guitar. Here are pictures of it:






I have compared it to my other cases including a Fender oblong and a 335 case by SKB. They don't fit. The problem is that, like me, the lower bout and the waist are too wide. The lower bout is just under 15", the waist is 10" and the upper bout is 12". The overall length is 40 1/2".


Currently, I am using a gig bag but I would like something a little more substantial.


Does anyone have any ideas for an inexpensive hardshell case that will fit? I am wondering if a Wildkat case will fit. Would someone mind posting the internal dimensions?



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I don't have measurements' date=' but I would bet your best bets are either a rectangular Strat/Tele case (maybe that's what you've tried), or a Coffin Case.


This one may work, but I suggest going to a store and trying the cases.


Thanks for the suggestions. The Strat/Tele case idea is the first thing that I tried. Unfortunately, my G&G Tweeds are too narrow for the wider body. I am hoping that someone knows of one in this style that is a little wider. The coffin case may work but I really do not like them and am hoping to find another alternative.

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