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what 10 " speaker do you like


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go out and play through all that you can and dont get hung up on just 10" ers.

i play through a gallien 400rb with two EV 15's. i like the mids scouped with big low end punch and crisp highs. i use a mesa V twin pedal to get some growel when needed.

i also like rigs setup with 10's over an 18".

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Yep, 10's are OK, but they are better paired with a couple 15's or an 18.

10's can get a little punchy by themselves. I have a Gallien Krueger 400RB with a GK-410T cab, and although it sounds great, my Randall 2X15 seems to have more depth to it....unfortunately, its a huge cab from the 80's, so I dont use it alot.


If your GF is just learning bass, my suggestion would be a 50-100 watt combo with a 15 or two 10's.

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