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Epiphone Al Caiola model


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ya he says he made lots of modifications:


Many modifications made to this model over the years. Pickups have been switched out for ones off of a late 60's 335. Schaller tuners installed. Electronics gutted (original included eq) and more convential added (switch, two volume, one tone.) This guitar has been refretted in 1999. Recent setup done last year.


And the condition is "played", but still it looks so cool - someone could snatch it up and return it to it's former glory - open game, I don't have the cash personally

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Cool old Epi! Seems like a steal @ $1400 - what do you think?



I had both a standard & a custom:




I think I paid about that for the Standard' date=' which was also modified. After some mods, I made a few bucks on it, but I think that the problem with the one on CL is that it doesn't have the original P-90s. I think that would hurt resale.


Basically, it's like a Casino without f-holes (and a slightly thicker body), so compared to the cost of a vintage Casino it's very reasonable. With the P-90s, it would be a great deal. I like the color.


Looks like a 66 model to me but I could be wrong... Those pickups don't seem original though.


1966 was the first year of the Standards (both were discontinued in1970). It should have P-90s, not HBs. (Customs had mini HBs).

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Wow Jerry those are beautiful' date=' you should have held on to them - sellers remorse much? #-o [/quote']


No, not too much. I went through a period where I was collecting guitars, but now I'm getting back (slowly) to playing and writing and recording. I've pretty much sold off the vintage stuff that I've never played and replaced them with more hands on axes.

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