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Fatter Neck Epiphone Les Pauls?


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First, thanks for all the useful info in this forum.


Second, I am looking for an Epi Les Paul with a fat neck. The 60s and 59 necks on most Gibsons are too small for me. Recently, I tried some Epi LPs, but all seemed to have the 60s type neck. The Epi Custom probably had the biggest neck, but it was too small. The Dot was closer to what I like, but I am looking for an LP, particularly one of the current ones with chambering.


Do any of the new Epi LPs have fat necks?



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Many thanks for all the responses.


That's not what I've seen.


Anyway' date=' try and find a used Unsung. They sometimes do a fairly beefy neck; I've got a G-400 Maestro that's pretty chunky.[/quote']


I am not familiar with this model, but isn't it an SG-type? I think I've seen your posts of a cherry red one.

I am looking for a Les Paul.

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