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ioffer gibson les pauls for $200


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I had a little look myself,That is nut's.

I have to admit the 1956 goldtop custom look's very convincing,If you read through the feedback though.They tried to sell a totally different guitar to someone compared to that picture.


Chinese Crook's.I feel sorry for anyone buying and supporting these.

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I just have one semi-rhetorical question about these guitars:


These “iOffer” units are Asian made replicas of famous guitars. Epiphones are Asian made replicas of famous guitars. Exactly how crappy are they in comparison to the guitars we all play and love?

The difference is that "legitimate" copies like Epihone LPs, SGs, Dots, etc. offer a limited lifetime warranty, a dealer network where you can take them if you have problems, and even return them within a certain amount of time if they don't meet your expectations. It's kind of like buying a car that says BMW on the hood, but was made in Guangzhou and if it dies, nowhere to take it. Other than that, they may look and play OK, but IMHO it's worth the couple extra bucks to get a guitar sold through legit channels and have peace of mind. Also, a true fake, whether it's an Armami bag, iPhone, or a Les Paul will have next to no value at resale.


In any case, almost every US manufacturer of small, high quality electronic products is having this problem (with China):



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