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Genesis Arrived Today


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It's in rougher shape than I'd thought, but everything works. The body and neck are in good shape and the only real issue I can find is the jack. You can see damage to the immediate area and the work-around fix of adding a washer to stabilize the jack. I'm thinking of adding a second tone control to that hole and moving the jack to the side of the guitar body. The pickups are OK and I'm going to work with them for a while, but I may go for a pair a Lollar Imperials down the road.


My first impression is that I like it every bit as much as I'd hoped. The neck contour is perfect and I love double cuts. I need recommendations on hardshell cases.







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Nice! A Les Paul Case will suffice until you can buy a Genesis beater for the case and resell only the guitar (or strip it for the PUPs)


Move the jack to side using one of these:




Here's how I repaired the same problem with epoxy and a piece of old pickguard:





You could also move things around to look like this:




More genesis porn:









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Will any Les Paul case work? I don't have much experience with Les Pauls, but the headstock on the Genesis looks larger than a typical Lester.


I'm trying to figure out where and when the Genesis was made. It's hard to read, but I believe the serial number is 0920978.



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I'm not sure, I don't own any "real" Les Pauls, but I did buy one Geni in a no-name LP case and it fits fine.

As for the country of origin, there is some conflicting info on this.

It was originally thought that they were first made in Japan then moved to Korea, but that seems to be at odds with a posting on Harmony Central by Jim Walker who claims to be the designer.

He (or someone) claims they were made in Taiwan and changed the Wikipedia listing to reflect that. I have no better information on it than that, so I'm assuming it is correct:





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I purchased an Epiphone Les Paul hardshell case yesterday at Sam Ash that fits the Genesis perfectly. It has a padded ramp that supports the body and positions the neck sqaure in the neck support collar. There is plenty of room for the elongated headstock we all love so much. Here are a few photos.





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brian' date=' i never get tired of seeing your genesis collection. I would love to get one just because of your collection. :) [/quote']

Thanks Wardog, if you get one, you'll love it. They are tone monsters.


Caliban: Good to know about the LP cases. I haven't had to buy any cases yet, mine all came with one. I understand that there was a "fancy" Geni case with plush purple interior that was sold with them originally. So far I only have the cheap stock cases with fuzzy interior:



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brian is incredible your collection, congratulations here in Argentina, is very very very dificult to find a Genesis and if you find someone in good condition costs like a U$s1000!!! but i keep looking for, congratulations again and your collection is the best!! in the WORLD!!!! and as they say in my country AGUANTE LA GENESIS!!!

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