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Disparity among Prophecy finishes?


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Well as some of you will know, my Prophecy EX bit the dust recently. Now I know that the Prophecy (LPs at least) have been updated since I got mine, so I went to the Rockshop to check one out, in the event the insurance company replaces my gat. What I saw mortified me.


As many of you also know, my Prophecy LP has an amazing finish, with simply fantastic texture and depth to it:




The one hanging up on the wall at the Rockshop was.. well, I've seen more texture and depth on plain white paper. It honestly looked like they'd taken a flat dark gray piece of paper and applied a parchment texture to it, then glossed over it. The Les Paul Ultra-II next to it also looked just as bland, except it was a better impression of quilted maple, with big, undefined swells in the texture. It was still dead flat though. I don't jest, the entire Prophecy LP was covered in a texture like this:



Now for the million dollar question; has the Prophecy line switched to using a 'fotoflame' top? I'm 100% sure the top on my one is genuine quilt, unless the guys at Qingdao were dabbling in holograms when they made it. The cap I saw today may as well have been painted on. It's quite dismaying. =D>

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So very strange ...


We got in two of the Prophecy models just a couple of days ago at the store. It had been at least two months (probably a lot longer) since any had been in stock. The models were the Les Paul GX and the SG EX.


For the last few months there have been discussions on how there seems to have been a design change in these models ... particularly with the Les Paul. Now Sjael has encountered one with a less than spectacular flame top! These two models that we got in were absolutely PERFECT! Not only were the tops beautiful and the fit and finish flawless, but it seems that Epiphone has gone back to the original specs regarding the binding and neck set on the LP. These are truly beautiful guitars!


What was ever MORE impressive was the fact the both of these guitars came out of the box set-up ... WELL! Much better than either of my Prophecy's were! These were not old stock guitars that had been lying around ... stickers on the shipping cartons indicated September '09 as the DOM. Change of factory? Change of specs? Change of heart??? Who knows ...


Oh, Epiphone ... you sure do like to keep us guessing, don't you? The upshot is that I sold the SG to a kid that came in looking for an Ibanez with active pups and a Floyd trem. I told him to "give this one a shot ... just for comparison sake". 15 minutes later he was sold!



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I'm not sure, but they have one at my local RockShop too. Next time I'm in there, I'll take a look at the one they have hanging there and I'll let you know. Probably quite soon, I quite often make spontaneous trips to go 'tyre kick' some guitars. It can't be all that great if I don't recall how it looks, but at the same time the Prophecy isn't totally my bag so that may be why I never took much notice. I did notice it was pretty dirty though, so clearly plenty of people find it attractive.

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That is very strange then. I was at the Music Planet a couple blocks over from the Rockshop, and the Prophecies there were of the same caliber as my one. Perhaps those commies (I jest, I jest!) mixed in some B-stock to ship across the world to a country that will never notice, let alone dispute it.


Next time I'm around there I'll grab a snap of it and the serial number and see if it was from a different plant. Never occurred to me at the time.


And that is a great story about the kid and the SG, it's just like what happened to me, except I myself decided to give the EX a squizz before I pulled the trigger on the GX model.. then ended up buying it not more than 15 minutes later. The Prophecies are truly fantastic guitars.

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