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Is the G310 and G400 body the same?


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I'm looking for a 66' full batwing pickguard for my Epi goth g400, but apparently gibson ones don't fit, so I can't really find one.


I found this one site which has G-310 pickguards, so I'm wondering if those would fit my epi goth G400.


Alternatively, anyone know where I can get a full pickguard for my g400? (like epi 66' reissue sg)

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^Not only that but the G-310 pickup spacing is different, as is the position of the bridge.


I'm doing this exact thing at the moment with my G-400



Print this template on some thick card, and cut it out as accurately as possible, including the pickup holes, and the bridge holes. Then you can fit it to your Goth, and check the fitment. You'll need to remove the pickup surrounds and the original pickguard to do this accurately.


Then, if it fits, send these guys an email and they can make it for you.



I believe the cost for it in 3 ply black plastic is $33.00US. It fits my G-400 well, but it may not be the same story for you due to the variance that can exist between factories, and individual guitars in general, which is why you need to check the fitment first.


I personally am having an engraver make mine for me as it's a bit cheaper than ordering one from Terrapin, and it'll take him less than a week, as opposed to what I imagine is at least a 6 week turnaround from Terrapin by the time they ship it to me.

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