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recplacement speakers for cab?need help!

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hey guys, im thinking that I would like to install a new 12" speaker in my blackheart lil gaint cab, I have the head and cab unit, I am aslo planning on buying another cab for it so it will be a mini stack with 2x12's so, with this 5watt head , what speakers would be the best for this amp in a 5watt 2x12" config (bear n mind that I am only a college student at this point not a millionaire!)


speakers for:


Blues(dirty texas style)ZZtop=


Classic British tone=


Fenderesque tones=


All around most verstaile=


Best Bang for my buck=



I am also goin to be in the market for a large head prob around 15watts, so i would use these speakers with it as well


thanks guys and anybody and everybodys intput will be greatly appreciated !

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Hi, unfortunately there is no easy answer to your question. What may be a good speaker for one amp may not work well with another. The way speakers interact with the power amp can be quite strange and not very predictable. Usually with valve amps the character wont change much and the speaker is simply like a fixed yet directional eq filter. Unfortunately you can never be sure what 'filtering' your amp really needs when you first change the speaker because you've only ever heard your amp with its existing speaker! If you see what i mean.


The best starting place when looking for new speakers is the Eminence website and Watford Valves websites Sound Factory. Both have a 're-amped' guitar track played through every speaker available! You can really hear the difference between models! You just need GOOD studio monitors/hi-fi speakers to listen to the samples, NOT just crap*y little computer speakers.


My favourites are Eminence Texas Heat, Weber Blue Dog, Fane Alnico Axa 12, Celestion Alnico Blue (all other Celestions seem a bit naff!)

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Blues(dirty texas style)ZZtop= Weber Chicago Vintage Alnico something or other


Classic British tone= Weber


Fenderesque tones= Weber


All around most verstaile= Weber


Best Bang for my buck= Weber Weber Weber Weber Weber



They're handmade, lots of options... Including a neodymium speaker that actually sounds GOOD... (you'll have to wait 'till next year for that though... they're redesigning it to be easier to build...)



Of course, you could always go with the mass produced stuff like eminence, celestion, or jensen...


or you could go with overrated hype-machines like tone tubby....


But i'd suggest weber all the way.

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I have to agree with Andyroid. A speaker change is the single most dramatic thing that you can do for your tone, and everything in your signal chain, from your fingers to your ears, is affected by it. You really need to try different speakers in order to get a feel for what works for you and what doesn't.


If you don't have a buddy with several different flavors on hand for you to audition, shop ebay and try out several, selling the ones that aren't right for you. That's really the only way to know for sure.


There are several decent speakers available these days, and even some of the Chinese made ones are decent.

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