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Blackstar HT-5 head opinions.

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Hey guys, havent posted on here in a while but always get good advice.


I sold my epi Valve junior a while back to put towards something else and now i have a Orange Tiny terror amp which is a very good and very loud amp. Does what i want perfect except being to loud to crank to the max at home and i want an fx loop for reverb and delay ect.

I play van halen sounding syled music and the blackstar has been mentioned to me on a few ocasions for its versatility. Also i play anything from the 80's from guns and roses, black sabath, bon jovi, metallica ect


I will keep my Tiny Terror as its awesome, best amp ive played except the lack of fx loop.


Anyone own one or got any reviews on it personally. Ive read harmony central and i'll take some of it with a pinch of salt but i value your opinions on here.


I generally play distorted music so the clean channel is important really even tho its nice to have a 2nd channel and ive heard that this head is slightly louder than a valve junior which is fine for me too.


I'll be playing through a 2x12 and 1x12 one of which is a marshall TSLC212 cab with a V30 and H30 and the 1x12 is a V30 again.


Would this cab setup also compliment the tones im looking for?


Any reviews or help would be grea.


Thanks in advance

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I can't say for a fact how good your particular cab. would sound with it......but i'd bet it would sound AWESOME !

It sounds GREAT going thru my generic Jensen(stock Fender) 1x12.........

For the tones you mentioned I can HIGHLY recommend the HT-5 head.........the OD channel will absolutely SCREAM, and the ISF knob really DOES give a noticible change in tone from throaty,bassy/warm USA, to trebly,woody,UK type tones.........and anything in between, all while preserving the EQ. settings @ your guitar.

For "mild raunchy" breakup (think vintage Fender ) crank the Clean channel to the max........and just listen.......it's amazing !!

And yeah, it's friggin LOUD for a 5w amp.


I've only used mine for 12 days so far, but I just can't express how GOOD this amp sounds.......I haven't used the effects loop, so I can't comment on that.......although i'm still considering installing a "noise gate" in the system.


I really don't think you'll be let down by this amp, but you still might want to try to PM Ricochet about it, he's had his longer.

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