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Epiphone Valve Senior MOD's

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Ok, Who has messed with the Valve Senior, Yet?


How about Tubes? Anyone try any different tubes that resulted in a custom morphing to boutique heaven?


Anyone change out any Caps or Resistors with results that turn your Senior into a $10K tone to die for?


Does upgrading the Cap's make a difference?



I gigged with my Senior a few times the past couple of weeks. Sounded fine, as is. But, I purchased this to mess with.

I have replaced the tank with an Accutronics, but does not seem to help.

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PPwatt is up, and that's where all VSr threads will be found. Hey, it's a push-pull thing. Wattkins is up too, but things are still a little buggy here and there. Looks real good though, and you can get to the "last post" in threads really quick now.


SEwatt and 45watt are both still down, but Particle's working hard to figure it out for us. Hang in there.



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