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MIJ Sheraton versus MIK Sheraton - major differences?


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As the title says! What's the major differences between Japanese and Korean Sheratons? Not just from a construction point of view' date=' I'm talking about a playing perspective. Do the neck shapes differ, nut widths etc?


Any knowledge is much welcomed [-([/quote']


The MIJ Matsumoku Sherrys made in the early '80s are great guitars. The Korean Samick Sherrys made in '86 into the mid '90s are pretty much direct copies of the MIJ Matsumoku Sherrys. Humbuckers, 3 (actually 5) piece thin necks. They're quite nice guitars, I like them better than the current ones. The MIJ Elitists & USA series Sherrys (made by Terada) have a one piece mahogany neck and you can get them with the mini-humbuckers. I never had an Elitist, but I had a USA series. The MIJ Matsumoku was the best playing guitar I ever had, fantastic neck, but I like the Terada with the mini-humbuckers sound-wise. I would like a Sherry with the Matsumoku neck, mini-humbuckers at the cost of the Samick, is that asking too much???


Playability = Matsumoku

Sound = Terada

Value = Samick

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"Elitist" and AIUSA Versions are closer, to the Original Kalamazoo USA versions...

with the AIUSA being (basically) a direct copy, in every detail. The Elitist differs

only in the poly finish, and the more modern headstock design, with the 3 screw

TRC, and the Grover Super Rotomatics, with "stairstep" buttons. The AIUSA has

the wider (at the top bout) headstock, Nitro finish, 2-screw TRC, and Grover Rotomatic,

with kidney bean buttons. Some folks (like me) change the kidney bean buttons, to the

"Stairstep" for aesthetic purposes. Most all the "Asian" versions, have had full sized

Humbuckers, as opposed to the Mini's, on the Elitist, and AIUSA (as well as the original

USA versions). There have been Asian versions, with the frequensator tailpiece, but most

have the stop bar, so are "technically" Sheraton II's. The Elitist, also, are Sheraton II's.

The AIUSA, came in both configurations, Sheraton (with frequensator) and Sheraton II,

with Stop Bar tailpieces. The Elitist, and AIUSA came in Vintage Sunburst, and Natural...

the various Asian versions, have had more color choices, than that, too. The original USA

versions, came in Vintage burst, Natural, and a solid Cherry finish (rare), for awhile.



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AIUSA (Assembled In USA) Body and neck were made in Japan within the Elitist factory,

then shipped, and the neck and body were assembled, then painted here, in Nashville

(or Memphis). Just how much "assembly" was actually done here, has been debated.

Some think the bodies and necks were assembled and painted in Japan, as well...but,

other's feel they were assembled here (as advertised) and painted in "Nitro," (since the

finishing is the last step, before the pickups and parts are put on), along with the regular

Gibson guitars, here. That's always made more sense, to me...but, only Gibson knows for

sure, I guess?


Maybe EP-1, will clear this up?! Are you out there, Ep-1? ;>)




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