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Just Bought a Valve Standard - Any Advice?


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Just joined this site, and was browsing through as I just picked up an Epiphone Valve Standard at Guitar Center ($150 used). The good news is I have a new amp, the bad news is that I can't even play with it until the 17th (they have to keep stuff for 30 days to clear it with the Police dept.).


I wasn't really looking this amp (was thinking of picking up a Blackheart Handsome Devil with a Musicians Friend Gift cert I had lying around).... But, for the price, I couldn't turn it down. I really didn't spend too much time with it (I'm a bass player, and was just looking for a bedroom amp that could possibly be used in a live/rehearsal/recording situation). Like I said, for $150, I think I got a good deal.


Anyway, I was just wondering if there is a schematic for this amp floating around there. I've just recently purchased a DIY amp kit from another site (Christmas project), and I'd like to take a look at the schematic for the Valve Standard for comparison's sake.


Also, I know that the Valve Jr.s are really big with modding. That was one of the amps I was also looking at (so I figured that the Valve Standard should be a good deal since the Jr.s have quite a following). What are some of the more popular mods that I might want to look into on the Valve Standard (these don't seem to be quite as popular for some reason). I've seen by passing the DSP (which I may think about).


Is there anything else I should look into. I think I read that there are occasionally transformer problems with the Valve Standards... Is that true? What can/should be done to fix these problems? What other things should I look for (as this is a used amp)? It looked to be in good condition, but I couldn't really check things out inside... Sounded good, so that's all that matters, right?


Thanks, I hope to do some more research tonight. But, if anyone has any tips/tricks on this amp, please let me know (it's hard for me to search in this forum, compared to others I have visited).

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There are Valve Standard threads and links to schematics on www.PPwatt.com. Even the old VStd/VSpcl threads from 18watt.com are archived on PPwatt. Log-In is required for access, but registration is free.


You'll also find links to VStd schematics in the FAQ on www.sewatt.com/faq


Here's the original post-18watt VStd thread w/schematic. http://www.ppwatt.com/node/15351



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I had a Standard. My advice is to change the stock tubes (if they haven't been changed already) and maybe put an alnico speaker in there in place of the Standard's ceramic one. It does sound pretty cool cranked stock. $150 is a deal for sure. Enjoy. The mod threads can be found on PPWatt as Gil says. The other amp you mentioned, Blackhearts, have plywood cabs if I remember where the Epi has some sort of compressed wood and glue. Very heavy it is.

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