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DiMarzio X2N pickups


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Your putting an X2N in a semi hollow? Have fun with the feedback.

Technically, an F-spaced PUP is for Fender-spaced or Floyd Rose spaced bridges. The pole piece spacing is a little wider than non F-spaced PUPs.

However, The X2N does not have pole pieces and is considered for both F-spaced and non F-spaced guitars. And even if it did, that PUP is so freaking hot, you wouldnt know the difference.


I have an X2N in my G-310. It feeds back with the volume at 1 on the guitar. HOT!

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-What kind of tones is your friend wanting to get from his Dot? Maybe check out some GFS Classic II's. Kind of similar to Duncan Alnico II Pros. But man, X2Ns in a semi-hollowbody would seriously be feedback city. Unless of course that's what he's after.... But on another note. F-spaced p'ups aren't only for Fenders. The bridge p'up in my Epi Lester is an F-spaced, DiMarzio Virtual PAF. In most Epis, the bridge is spaced a little wider than traditional Gibsons. You can tell by how the polepieces line up beneath the strings. Here's a link to a close-up of my Epi. Check out the lineup with the strings.


Epi Bridge Closeup




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