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Home studio recording question?

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hey guys, wasnt really sure where to post this so I just put it where I would get the most tech responses .....

I have a small home recording rig, using abelton and garageband off and on, with a line 6 tone port (8 input), I only have two mic's right now

1. akg perception 100

2.shure pg81


I mainly just use the pod farm and gearbox plugins when recording guitar, but i would like to record my blackheart little gaint.........basically why I bought a 5 watter with a pentode switch that goes to 3 watts.....but which of these mics would be best for that, and if yall can recommend a good resonably priced mic good for recording amps , that would be might nice!

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SM57' date=' industry standard. Works good on everything you point it at, especially guitar cabs. Can't beat it at 3X's the price.[/quote']

+1 to that.

If you can afford it it's also nice to use a condenser mic positioned a little way back to get some air into the sound. They don't really come cheap but I can recommend the Behringer C3 for this purpose. It's not real expensive and you get three polar patterns, Omni, Cardioid and figure of 8. It's pretty good on vocals too. Of course you do need an input with phantom power.

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