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Just Missed OUT!!! ?>#@$% / HNGD


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Man that is a beautiful guitar!


That is a ridiculously nice guitar. HNGD.Cool


Thanks guys - I got a good deal' date=' it was a customer return at Musicians Friend and they were having a sale on used gear so I got an extra 20% off the used price. I can't see why it was sent back, but intonation needed adjusting, the g string is binding slightly at the nut and the bridge pickup was not seated properly in the ring. Easy fixes and saved about $600 off new price.



Now that you have the GIBBY that we're all dreaming about,

(Lovely Guitar, BTW), what kind of music are you going to play

on it???????? Have to make sure the git isn't contaminated with

the wrong tunes...


I like playing bluesy stuff, I don't play out or anything, just messing around at home. I think I'll try and learn some jazz chord progressions as well. This thing can rock out too, Zeppelin style...[biggrin]


Here is a recording I made on my amp...



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