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need help...MIJ EPI, emerald green please confirm!

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hey guys!!!


need help if this guitar is MIJ, the serial is J0208815


seller claims its a MIJ and i also checked some site saying serial says so.


i wanna know what are the stock pups as seller does not have any ida at all. i am torn between this one and a greco MIJ tho


here are pics:















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i've heard about it being korean but the serial starts with J, are serial nos. beginning with J indicates JAPAN? or korea?


i can't find info on guitardater, any site where i can check on its serial number?




and sources in the net states that:


According to several forum entries, current Epiphone serial numbers give the following information:




* I = Saein

* U = Unsung

* S = Samick

* P or R = Peerless

* K = Korea




* DW = DeaWon

* EA = Gibson/QingDao

* EE = Gibson/QingDao

* MC = Muse

* SJ = SaeJung

* Z = Zaozhuang Saehan

* BW = China




* No letter or F = FujiGen

* J or T = Terada


Czech Republic


* B = Bohêmia Musico-Delicia




* SI = Samick

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A MIJ would have the "open book" Gibson headstock.


The only "J" indicated factory is Terada Japan.


Something is not adding up here.




exactly my thoughts,


but is it absolutely open book headstock for mij epi's? no exception or whatsoever#-o


i am in a process of deciding which one to buy, this one or a greco lp std eg700 (1979 with a not so good and not openbook headstock lolz...ooops am i allowed to type that one here?)



btw guitardater has no info on the serial...

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