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Back in December I posed the question on replacing pickups for my 2006 custom, I put Gold Burstbucker pros's in the neck and bridge, Switchcraft toggle switch, CTS pots, .022 Juniper caps, switchcraft output connector and gold knobs witha red dot and it weights 9lbs. First off for a low end guitar, fit and finish was very good, neck was straight with better then average level fret height. There is a school of thought that says playable and sound is first and foremost then comes looks, well I'm a Wood Whore, I have been one all my life, my Traditional bows, my Flintlock stocks and my modern firearms reflect this, I am and most likely always will be one. Tigar stripped maple is one of my favorits, it just makes me melt and go into a visual wood coma! Lets face it 99% of the time how a guitar looks is what attracts us to it first, (just like women) sorry but a ugly guitar or women will always be at the back of the bus given a quick glance. Now we all know that beauty is only skin deep, and it's what lies under the skin that matters...agreed But we are always looking for the perfect balance of beauty and perfection, that is just human nature. For me this guitar sounds, plays and looks great! Heres some pics.









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The guitar is beautiful. Wood whore myself! The bathroom shot though' date=' well . . .!


And I wouldn't call the Epi Custom a "low-end" guitar, but that's just me. I'm an ugly woman!



Agree, beautiful guitar. I, too, prefer wood grain gits. Like fine furniture.

A "low-end" guitar? NEVER! (Spank, spank, spank!!!) an ALTERNATIVE

brand for those who have realized it "ain't always about the name".

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I'm not meaning any disrespect with the "low end" remark, I was thinking more along price lines, it is a higher end Epiphone. Sorry about the pics in the Bathroom, that bathroom has the best lighting in the whole house. I should have waited for the bright sunshine to take pics. I put the pickups from the custom into my Epiphone Studio their HOTCH (G) Bridge 13.94ohms 57CH (G) Neck 8.49ohms, add some gold knobs and all is well.




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