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  1. hey Sheila! were ya been? probably been hanging with blade, huh? it be nice to hear from ya!

  2. Hey Sheila, how's it goin'? Haven't heard from you in a while. Didja get the Jr. sorted? e-mail me, I can't get PMs on the new forum for some reason.

  3. Another "I didn't know I had this", Duane?!?!? Seriously? We so need to talk! So, are you shipping me a Gibson? This latest one is beautiful! I don't know how you could have packed her away!! Sheila
  4. Not quite. I've been a quiet Gibson member. And I'm sure you'll see a few of these. Don't know if the count combined my two accounts or not, may have though. Sheila
  5. I joined Gibson 2 months ago, but have been a member of the Epi Forum for over a year. When the merge happened, it grabbed my Epi post count and the Gibson join date. Looks impressive though, doesn't it? I would have to be on all the time to get that kind of count up!! Sheila
  6. Anything off of this album. Funny as hell, too! Sheila
  7. ROTFLMAO!! That was great! Sheila
  8. You see the Epi ones all the time. I didn't know that Gibson had one, though. Interesting. Sheila
  9. Heart: 10 Desire: 10 Ability to learn songs on own: 0 Unless I can find an TAB. Effort: 5* That's an average as sometimes I practice for hours a day (cool weather), others, like now, I'm lucky if I get hours a month! Barre Chords: 0 Actual ability to play: 3 Do I care? Maybe sometimes. I do wish I played far better than I do, but I don't stress over it. I play for the love of it, and I play for myself. No burning desire to play publically, just wish I could nail a barre chord when needed! Sheila
  10. +1 - What he said! You already know that you have to play them first, at which time you will know which one to bring home with you! Sheila
  11. Ahem. Sorry! Even my son is disappointed with me! Though I'll admit, it's only a few songs that I like! But, if we all agreed, then why would we even show up? Sheila
  12. When you intonate a guitar you are tuning it - from the nut to the 12th string and then from the 12th string to the bridge. You may need to do an intonation after a string change! Did you mean will your guitar require a new set-up, as in aligning the neck and adjusting string height, etc.? Chances are, yes, it will require a new set up. Assuming you took the strings, pups, bridge/tail, and everything else off to do the actual relicing of the guitar's finish, you will need to set it all back up when you do the reinstall. One thing about bolt-on necks is that when you take the nec
  13. This should work! Gave a listen, and at some of the live stuff as well. Not bad, not bad at all. And I need a P-90, too! Sheila
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