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p93 riviera couple of ??


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Congratulations on your Rivi!


I can only answer the first question. The hole is an oil hole. You need to occassionally oil the tuner. I'll let someone else answer as to how often, and with what oil they use. Bet 3-in-1 comes up! And white grease. i'll also bet there are those that'll tell you not to oil them. Hmmm. . . let the replies begin!!


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1. The holes on the cover plates of the machine heads whats the purpose of these.


Yes' date=' they're for lubrication. Shouldn't need it for a very long time - 50,000 miles or five years whichever comes first.


2. Will the bixby ever need lubrication?


Not sure about a "bixby", but a BIGSBY shouldn't need lubrication unless you do a lot of off-roading.


Seriously, these couplings get so little actual high-friction use they're unlikely to require lube for many years. And when they do require it, they'll let you know.


I repacked the grease in the USA Grovers on my 1960's Guild A-500 jazz box for the first time just last year. Unless it was done before I owned it, I expect that was the first time it was ever done. I bought it in 1975, so 35 years at the very least, maybe 45.

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