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Inspired by Texan VS Masterbilt


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i've been thinking about buying the masterbilt dr-500m, but recently i discovered the new model "inspired by texan" and i love the look of it.


I've been playng with my brother's masterbilt AJ500-m and i love its sound, playability and construction. This is an excelent guitar, even compared with many Gibson models, so i think that the masterbilt series are great guitars.


I never played an inspired by texan model and i've been searching it on youtube but i can only find Texan models, not the inspired by.


My question is... Is the inspired by texan as good as the masterbilt? Is it a good guitar (or is it just a good guitar for the price)? Does it have a good sound projection? How is it in terms of construction?



Thank you all.

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Never played a Masterbilt, but I do have an Inspired by Texan. I can tell you that the Texan is much, much more than just a good guitar. It is a fantastic guitar. Construction, playability, sound...all receive the highest marks. In all honesty it exceeded my expectations. I didn't even think of buying one, but I saw one in a store, tried it out and was completely impressed by it. Even the electronics are really good. Only negative is the lack of a strap button on the neck. If that's the only negative, then you know it is a very good guitar.



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Hi puretone -


I have a DR500-M, and had the opportunity recently to play an Inspired by Texan. For the price-points, they are very good guitars.


My personal comparative thoughts: they are different - play-wise, feel and sound. The DR may project a bit more, but that would be a subjective conclusion, too. Sound-wise, again this is subjective, the Texan sounds more similar to some Gibson acoustic models that I've played. The DR on the other hand, sounds more similar to all-wood, and more expensive Martin's and Taylor's that I have payed.


I have had my Masterbilt for about two years now, and it's a gem, which I attribute to the wood-aging process. If the Texan had been available, I would have had a difficult time deciding between the two. Perhaps you can select the Texan, and share/ trade time with your brother? Hope this helps,



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