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Quality of current Elitist Casino???


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I have jut bought an Elitist Casino in Sunburst, it is very very nice and sounds great.


It is the second one I have owned, I had one about 4-5 years ago and rather stupidly sold it! Anyway after close inspection and a few weeks of playing I have started wondering if it is as good build quality and finish as the one I had before.


I'm not sure why... just little things like I'm 99% sure my other one had the little felt washers between the strap pins and the guitar body and I think the back wasn't stained as dark as my new one and had a much more visible grain??


Anyone else notice anything like this or is it just me?


P.s. I'm not complaining here just wondering... it's still one of the nicest guitars I've played and I love it! :-

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Mine doesn't have any felt washers, and I think all the sunbursts have dark stained backs, the grain does still show through. I think virtually any make or model of guitar is going to have variation from one example to the next, certainly lots of folks have posted on the variation in quality of some recent made in China Epiphone examples. But my opinion of Elitists is though there may be variety, they are all excellent, professional examples. One individual elitist might be blessed with superior wood that gives it a very slight tone advantage, but there's no way other than playing a great many to find the perfect example. I've never seen a great many in one place to do that! So, as Duke Ellington said,


"If it sounds good, it is good"


Have fun with that Casino, they're the tops.

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