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New pickups for Epi Explorer


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Greetings all,


I've been thinking about changing the stock pups in my Epi Korina Explorer for a while. I am happy enough with the classics that came in them, but I do find the neck slightly on the muddy side and the bridge a bit weak. After visiting all sorts of sites, changing my mind a million times and never actually taking the plunge, I thought I'd ask here for some advice!


I play through a Epi BC 30, have these pedals.. Big Muff, Boss BD-2, Cry Baby, BBE Sonic Stomp. I play mainly rock/classic rock/heavy rock. I love Angus Young's sound, but I would like something perhaps a little more versatile. Something crunchy and dirty for high gain situations, but sweet and rich for low gain. I don't play much, if any, metal. Hopefully that info will help you out in coming to a decision for me! I'm incapable of doing it myself it seems!


I've been looking at GFS pups recently, I'm not sure which to go for though. '59 Classics maybe?


Thanks in advance



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