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Got a craving...


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...for one of these:




Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Electric Guitar Translucent Wine Red



I haven't seen many red ones (although I have seen quite a few blue ones).


Might be a while until I can rustle up the cash, so I hope they don't sell out in the meantime...

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These days Joe I have but two electric guitars which are my mainstays, plus my old Yamaha Pacifica which I am in the process of restoring.


I have a 2000 Fender American Series Telecaster in ocean turquoise, and a natural Korean Sheraton (mid 2000s) (Peerless).


You could argue that the Sheraton fulfils all my twin humbucker needs I suppose, but I've never owned a Les Paul before.


Might be just passing Gas, but I'll see how I feel once I've scraped the money together.


More guitars have passed through my hands over the years than I care to think about. I'm looking for another "keeper" to go with my Sherri and my Tele.


I'd love to join you in the Firebird club, but the Epis don't really grab me - and a Gibson Firebird (new or used) is slightly beyond my means and would mean a lot of earache from the missus. I could probably get away with a 400 quid LP. Perhaps.


Oh...and a red one will definitely play better. They're like Ferraris in that sense...:-k

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Not after that injury time own goal by Jagielka......GRRRRRR


Do you not fancy two big fat soapbar P90s in your wine red LP that was the point I was making.....Is there such a beast......or do the P90s just come in the Gold Tops...?


I never thought I would be able to get a Gibson Firebird but I culled these two






with what I got for them and £160 I have a brand new Firebird with delivery sorted just a bloody long delivery wait.


Glad I made the decision to cull the excess out of the herd though....but I can tell you it was hard parting with that Sheraton and Joe Pass but with having my E-by-G and Zephyr, they were pure excess, so I turned that excess into a Firebird...I think it all about getting the team blend right....I am the David Moyes of my guitar team......mind you there are a couple of players at Everton I would trade in and add a bit of cash to bring in new star striker.....:-k

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That is a one great looking guitar, L35. I am not usually a big fan of "faded" finishes ... I like my guitars to shine, at least when thay are brand new, BUT that one really grabbed me when I first saw it. The wood really does show through and the cream binding complments the color beautifully.


We get them in VERY sporadically, here ... and the seem to sell as soon as we hang them on the wall. If you scpare together a bit of cash and happen top see one in a local shop, I'd suggest asking of iot would be possible to lay it away for a while.



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