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Going nutz.....!!!!


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Ok since I've been home I'm guitar crazed.... major GAS attacks from all angles... Some of you have seen some of the Lesters I've been looking at, well on top of that, this comes up......


I find a guy who has a recording studio and is selling off his guitar collection and all his gear... He has like 70 guitars and lots of vintage amps as well. He sent me the list f guitars he has up for sale. I'm going to have a look this Friday. Here is the list:



1961 Gibson LP Jr. Cherry-on-Mahogany 1 p-90 SG style all Orig. 8 out of 10

1970 Gibson LP Goldtop Deluxe 8.5 out 0f 10

1978 Gibson LP Custom, Black Gold Hardware RARE Maple FRET BOARD emg/zw installed other than that completely original and pro. Set Up 8.5 o.o. 10

1979 Gibson LP Standard Natural rare maple neck mint

1979 Gibson LP Custom Natural rare maple neck Gold Hardware mint

1980 Gibson LP PRO, 2 p-90's Cherry burst mint

1983 Gibson 1st Custom Shop LP Spotlight SOLD

1989 Gibson LP Custom, Gold Hardware, Cherry burst 8.5 o.o. 10

1989 Gibson LP Standard, Cherryburst 9 o.o. 10

1991 Gibson Custom Shop LP Standard, Natural, Gold AS NEW

1997 Gibson Custom Shop LP Jimmy Page MINT

2001 Gibson Custom Shop LP 59 RI GIBSON REP. GUITAR MINT

2004 Gibson Custom Shop LP Boneyard WITH Emg ZW and original p.a.f.s' MINT

2007 Gibson Custom Shop LP ZW CAMO/BULLSEYE WITH F. I. Emg.'s as New

2007 Gibson Les Paul Baritone Aluminized Hd Wr. Alum.Blue finish mint

2007 Gibson Custom Shop 50th ann. LP CUSTOM GOLD TOP 147 out of 157

2007 Gibson Custom Shop 50th ann. LP CUSTOM GOLD TOP 157** out of 157



1989 Gibson FLYING V Black Single pup.Pearl splitblock Inlays,flip Down leg Rest 9-10

1997 Gibson Explorer 86 RE Highly Cstmzd. Plecked,Tone Pro Bridge & Sadl., Sperzel Tuners Cherry red mint

2006 Epi LP Jr. LMTD ED. 57 Reissue Pro. Set Up (SC, 1 p-90) Tobacco Burst

2007 Epi Firebird LMTD. ED. Custom Tobacco Burst Gold Hd.wr.

2007 Epi LP Ultra Quilt top Cherry Burst Highly Customized W/emg 81 & 85 z.w.



2003 ALEMBIC Rogue 5 String Bass Flamed Walnut & Maple MINT

2002 Breedlove C/25MY Flamed Myrtle, ebony bd. & Bridge MINT

2007 Custom Explorer 1 pc. Solid HNDRN. MAGNY. Bdy. SOLID Ebony NECK & Frtbd.w/ celtic cross pearl inlays Symr.Dnc. Active Hybrid 18v pups (2) Closed Grain nit. cel. lacq. finish Black Hd.wr.unbelievable axe..mint

2001 Brian Moore DC/1.5 Figured Maple Top Gld.Hd. Wr. Piezo Bridge 5 pin midi usb/fac.added violin Burst

2007 Custom FLYING V Tobacco Burst Emg 81 & 85 w/emg 20 db Vol.Bst. Swtch Strat Trem Brdge. LSR/Nut

2006 BC Rich ***** Highly Customized Professionally Set Up Tone Pro Bridge & Saddles Emg's 81 & 85 pups, Jumbo POLISHED Frets.Bone Nut, Sperzel Tuners AS NEW

2007 Custom Les Paul Copy Flamed Maple Tobacco Burst Elaborately Inlayed Paua & MOP, Gold Hd.wr. PAF pups incredible piece of functional art



2003 PRS Single Cut Custom Order Flamed Maple 10 Top Natural Finish Mahogany Bk & Nk Braz Frt Bd. w/pearl Dots (not the Birds) Dragon pups, Chrme HdWr. as NEW

2003 PRS Original Tremonti Single Cut Black Lacquer Finish, Chrme HdWr, Tremonti @ 12th HOT FREAKIN AXE mint

2003 PRS Hollow Body II Piezo Bridge, Chrme HdWr, Violin Burst- as NEW

20th Anniversary Private Stock Tiger Maple Solid Gold Inlays, Pau Inlays, Braz. Nck.& Frt. Bd.Signed by PRS




1978 Fender Stratocaster Heavily Customized (Pro) Maple Nk. (no sknk strp.) RsWd FrtBd. LSR/Roller Nut

Sperzel Lckng. Tuners, 62 REISSUE PUPS, 3 ply pck. Gd. Graphtec Saddles Alder Body With 20 plus coats of Serf Green Nitro Cellulose Lacquer, I have had several Music Store Mngrs. & Pro Touring Rockers Tell me that, it is the most, "AWESOME STRAT I HAVE EVER Played" When I tell them what has been done to it...."NAW!!!"

1985 Fender Stratocaster, AMERICAN, White w/Maple Nk & Frtbd SOLD

1997 Fender Custom Shop Master Built Stratocaster, Black Pearl Holoflash Finish, AS NEW

1997 Fender Stratocaster Plus, Red, w/Rse.Wd. Frt.Bd. Fac. Lace pups, LSR/NUT & Sadls. Sperzel Tuners,Brshd Aluminum Finish HdWr. Roland GK-3 MIDI (not Permanently Fixed 2 face tape)

Pro-Set-Up- as NEW

2003 Fender Custom Shop Master Built Thinline Telecaster, Flamed Maple Body, Hand Tooled Leather Pck. Gd.

Birdseye Maple Neck & Bd. Natural Finish Gold HdWr, MINT

2003 Fender Telecaster MIM PRO SET UP with solid Brass Saddles new pots & Caps Polished Frets, Planet Wave Tuners, Bone Nut, 3 ply pk. gd. custom knobs Black with Maple neck FAVORITE ROCKER MINT

2007 Fender Telecaster-made in Japan's EQ of custom shop "MACABRE" Humbucker/Single Coil Light Off White closed grain Lacquer Finish (na in the us) on Ash Maple Neck RsWd. Fretboard It is too BAD that Japan Out Doe's us at even building guitars, this baby is by far the nicest playing, sounding & cosmetically appealing Tele I have ever come across, try to find one.....still has plastic on pick guard

2007 G & L ASAT CLASSIC Telecaster Limited Edition "Mary Kaye" as NEW!!!!! try to find one !!



2001 Taylor 714c Indian Rosewood Back & Sides,Sitka Spruce Top, Ebony Bd & Bridge, Chrme HdWr, mint

2006 Taylor 814ce Limited Edition "Fall Series" Sitka Spruce Top, Ebony Bd & Bridge, Cocabolo Back & Sides, Flamed Maple Purfling, Pau, Pearl & Ebony Rossette, MOP Inlays. Taylor Expression System-Gold Hd.wr. AS NEW !

2007 Taylor T5 Limited Edition Flamed Koa Top, Ebony Frtbd. BLACK Lacquer Back mint.



1986 Kramer Barretta with Kline Graphics "GHOUL" 1 HB pup RW FRTBD, Floyd Rose Completely ORIGINAL MINT

1986 Kramer Barretta with Kline Graphics "LION" ***Rare*** Fact. Inst. Active EMG's 1 HB pup Brdg., 1 SC NK RW FRTBD, Floyd Rose Completely ORIGINAL MINT

1986 Kramer Barretta SUSTAINER HOLOFLASH Graphics Finish 2 HB pup's RW FRTBD, Floyd Rose Completely ORIGINAL 8.5 out of 10



2007 Washburn X-50 "Face Eraser" Neck Thru Mahog. w/fig. Maple Top, Ebony Bd. EMG 81 & 85 mint

2007 Godin Free way SA MIDI Guitar BLACK W/MAPLE NK,3 Pups as New 2007 Schecter Diamond Series 6 String Acoustic Red Anilyn Transparent Fin Flmd Maple Top/Composite Body, Mahog. Nk. Rwd. FrtBd. onboard Electronics/EQ as new



I asked hime for a list of his amps but he said he hasen't put it together yet....

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OK, that's a lot to digest and to be honest, I didn't look at all of them.

Fom a collectors perspective, the one that stood out was 2007 Gibson Custom Shop 50th ann. LP CUSTOM GOLD TOP 157** out of 157. Although, I don't like that GT.


Honestly, Dave...you can't beat a good R9.

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