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Well they are not great but it's hard to tell as I'm not used to the tonal response yet from the small body size. I mean it's easy to criticize cheap pickups but until I install some higher quality pickups to compare, it's hard to know if the lack of punch and bottom end is from the pickups or the body. Enjoying the guitar nonetheless but it's not at giggable standard yet compared to my other guitars. Do the original composite Steinbergers have a bigger tone?

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I just bought a Spirit used with the Select by EMG pickups but will be returning it do to a bad pickup switch and volume pot. Nonetheless I love playing it so I decided to buy a new one from Sam Ash. The new one has the Steinberger pickups. The Select pickups seem much hotter than the Steinberger pickups even though the height of the Selects are actually lower than the Steinberger pickups. Did Gibson decide to cheap out even further on the pickups?

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I just bought a Spirit Deluxe with the Steinberger brand pickups. They are still EMG selects I believe. I think they sound great and versatile. Each position on the switch produces a totally different useable tone. I think EMG selects don't get the credit they deserve.

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