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Epi acoustics that play like an SG?


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Also, it needs to have a cut-away so I can reach the higher frets.



Can anyone help me out? Specifically, I want the neck to be the same.


I own a G-400, and I love it, I love the way it feels in my hand, and I don't want to have to adjust each time I switch between an acoustic and electric.



Anybody got any recommendations for me please?



Thank you.


- Chris

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I have the PR5-E's little brother; the PR4-E, and much like the 5-E, it has an amazing neck. Thin, fast and low action. I checked out a bunch of acoustics when I bought it, and the thing that grabbed me the most was how close to an electric the neck felt. Definately check out the PR5-E. The 4-E is good, but it is very much a beginner guitar.


I bought mine for playing around the house and just messing around. I am very much NOT an acoustic player, but the PR's feel so good to play that my electrics gathered some dust for a while. [wink]

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Consider the 4E a "parlor guitar." I'm not sure it's a beginner guitar although that's how it's marketed. It's nice for old fingerpicker blues stuff. Very, very nice to play.


It also won't take a lotta gaff - just as many traditional parlor guitars would not.


Even with Zebra 9-42 it sounds pretty thin but since it's also an A-E you get a bit more bass out of it that way. Nice fingerpicker.


If you can, I'd go for the better Epi A-E, that 5 as mentioned. Better everything, I'm sure. As I said, the lit'ler one is fine for what it is - it just likely isn't what you're looking for.



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