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Epiphone ES-175 Reissue


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I purchased an ES-175 this past summer and I really like it. I noticed the stock strings seemed a bit heavy, I'm a rather new player so I changed them out and put 10's on it. It seems like it plays fine, but I'm concerned that this guitar should have had 11's on it.


Do you think I may have screwed the setup on it?

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Not necessarily

I've done the same in the past

They generally start with 13's

If it's not buzzing it's OK

Watch out for the bridge moving with 10's



Q: Is this generally a problem with lightening strings, esp. if it's a movable bridge, like on the Joe Pass (don't know what bridge a 175 has--guess I can look it up)? Have been thinking about some jazzbox or other--this'd be good to know!

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