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Thunderbird Pro Manual for Tone Control?


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Hello. Would anyone please know where I could get a knob assignment

diagram for the new 2010 Thunderbird Pro Bass? The geniuses down at

the local GC recycle/destroy all documentation with the cardboard

packaging when the guitar comes in for display. The guy said, they

hardly ever ship manuals for guitars anyways.. I already checked the

default generic online manual. no good


Thanks for any help.

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Sometimes what the knobs do arent always outwardly obvious.


From what I understand, you have a Volume and 3 EQ knobs. Usually, on other active basses, the volume is the top-right knob (looking at the bass from the front). Whichever one it is, the other three should be EQ control if what I've read is correct. The middle knob will be your mids, and the other two will be bass and treble. Not sure which is which, but it shouldnt be too hard to figure out.


On my older Epi active basses the knob config is a bit different. I have 1 Vol, 1 Tone, 1 Pickup Blend, & 1 Active Boost. If my above assesment is wrong, this would probably be the alternative configuration.

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while holding the bass, the lower knob closest to the neck is volume, the upper knob closest to the neck is blend, the bass cut/boost is the other lower knob and the treble cut/boost id the other upper knob. I can't remember offhand which frequencies the bass and treble are centered on. hope this helps.

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