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Body finally on the mend

duane v

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Just came back from the doctors for my back, strained tendon to the elbow, split lip that never healed right and a torn lateral ligament on the ankle.


Eight straight months of coaching finally came to an end... I never would have thought coaching 12 to 16 year old ladies would kick my butt [blush]

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Wanna see a dangerous sport...try being a ref in lady's volleyball.

One particularly large lady while going for a ball knocked me flying about 8 feet from a chair I was standing on. I was younger then and bounced back.

That was only the physical part. The ladies can be very aggressive.

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Wow.... I don't get hurt that bad fighting with sticks!!



Heal fast, and maybe try the bowling team??





Fighting with sticks doesn't sound so bad. Now fighting people with sticks is another story. [scared]

Just joking.



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Hey Duane.. Here's a winter schedule for the So. Cal Rebels ASA fastpitch team. They're looking for coaches.

The more injured the better.. [flapper]


So Cal Rebels ASA Classified Gold

Winter Ball Schedule 2011

Tournament September Winter ball Starts

Practice Thursday December 1st, Promenade Park #2 6:00pm

December 5th Games Hosting Orangecrest Park

December 11, 6:00pm Holiday Party BJ 4-6

December Off for the Holiday

January 2nd 2011 Sunday, Practice Centennial High School 9:00am

January 8, 9, 2011 Surf City Tournament confirmed

January 8th ASA Coaches Meeting

January 15, 16 2011 TBA

January 22, 23, AFC tournament, San Diego confirmed

February 12, Poker tournament Corona Cages

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