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G400 Treble pup acoustic buzz


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Hello Epiphone people, and G400 people specifically. Have any of you had issues with acoustic buzzing coming from the area around the neck pickup? I think I have narrowed it down to the plastic mounting piece that surrounds the pickup. I notice it while tuning the A string. It buzzes as soon as I get it in tune, and constantly thereafter whenever I hit an open A. I don't think any of this is coming through the amp, but it is still annoying. I often play unplugged at work or late at night at home.


I've asked my tech to look at it, and of course the classic scenario of "it only happens when nobody else is listening" occurred, so he couldn't find anything. It seems to come and go. Typical Epi problem, or have I got a misbehaving guitar?

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If you are positive that it is coming from the mounting ring could be a couple of things. Has it always done this?


Springs holding pickup could be buzzing. (remove pickup and check to see that they are not actually buzzing against pickup.


Mounting ring might not be flat enough. (while you have pickup out, remove ring, put a piece of 300 or 400 grit sandpaper on a flat surface and give it a few swipes.


See if mounting ring screws are secure in holes or if one (or more) have become stripped or are misaligned.

(Remove pickup, insert toothpick into hole and mark top with pencil. Cut toothpick at mark. glue toothpick in hole.)

Remount pickup.)


If you need to "redrill" hole you can use one of these:



"Pin vice or Pin drill" available at Sears and many hardware stores. Around $10.


Beyond that I couldn't say without seeing (and hearing) it.


Hoe this helps,


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