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Smokin Boxing Week deal

Artie Owl

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I didn't think I was going to get one, but there was one left so I had to go for it. It's a pocked sized multi track recorder with loops and rhythms built in. It originally came out at 400$ cdn, then was down to 200$, and Long and McQuade had it for 169$ plus a free leather case (50$) AND I had a gift card for 50$ so I got the whole thing for 150$ after taxes. [thumbup]


I was surprised how user friendly it is, I just need more time to get used to the menus, saving pieces, rhythm etc. Its a blast! Anyone else have one? Anyone have any good tips for using it? I'll post a demo as soon as I'm happy with one.



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I have had a Micro BR for a few years, I guess since it came out.


While I like all the MP3, drums, effects and the ability to take it while traveling I never cared for the recording part, it is just not user friendly at least for me. I pretty much quit trying to record more than 1 layer long ago.


I also use it as a processor for my bass through a PA, I don't have a bass amplifier.


You got a really good deal with the case and everything.

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