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Adjusting trussrod - detune, or tune to pitch for the adjustment?


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Yeah, that was me...I have heard 3 options between Gibson, Fender, and other players, but I think keeping it at pitch and then gently pressing on the headstock (helping it move in the direction needed) while turning the rod is the best way to go.


I have done t-rod adjustments on both my Pbasses with these results:


Once while tuned up to tension, but not flexing the neck while turning the rod - not a very good result. Wierd uneven curve resulted. But my guitar repair man fixed it no prob.

Once taking off the neck, and guesstinmating a 1/4 turn for the higher guage set of stings I was putting on - worked perfectly, but a little time consuming, and I don't want to screw and unscrew things any more than I have to on a wood guitar.


So I think I'll try the 3rd method next time and see how that goes. Both Gibson and Fender describe it that way in their 1960's literature. Although now I think their websites say to detune a little, turn rod, tune up.


Any thoughts?



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