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My youngest son bought me an amp (and a harmonica)


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With all the snow and blizzards we have had here in New England since Christmas, my youngest son has made quite a bit shoveling and cleaning up after the storms. I came home yesterday and found this. He told me "Merry late Christmas". I was quite surprised (and happy). Check it out.





My "Mustang II" amp has a little friend now


I have external speakers hitched to the headphone out of the amp(the speaker volume control has a headphone port for "silent" playing). It is pretty loud with the external speakers


Blues Harp © and holder



I also got a real (although it is a toy) "spring reverb" microphone (it is a spring inside a tube). It sounds cool.


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Nice collection there, crust! You know, I've seen and used some really, shall we say, "cheap", equipment before and it's amazing some of the sounds you can come up with! (You're "reverb mic")

Hope you're staying warm up there! It's been cold (30's) here in Texas, in fact we even had some snow!

GREAT weather to stay in and jam!

Love the yellow Junior!

Sounds like you've got quite a good son there!

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