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A little "stray" jam


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Well crust, since you started this one, I guess I'll add mine to it. This is a couple we recorded for a demo a long time ago. They need to have a good remix. In fact I have some new guitar parts for them. It's my next project.

I was using a Gibson Les Paul Custom (my '78 I think) through a Carvin X100B head with an old Peavey 4x12 cab loaded with Celestion G12M70's.


This is called "Broken", I wrote this and do the vocals and guitars.





This is one that my bass player and I wrote while he was in China working, was tough back then, had to send cassetes back and forth. Butch does the vocals, he wrote the lyrics.


Right To Life

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Sounds really good to me. What did you use to record with ?


Well we actually did these in a studio. Used mics on the my guitar (Gibson LP Custom through Carvin X100B Tube head with 4x12-Celestion G12M70s) , direct into a rack processor with the bass.

Ran our other guitarist through a rack processor (his amp wasn't the best).

Recorded the drum tracks first with all of us playing. Then the guitars and bass, then vocals.

But the mix was terrible, and I wanted to do the vocals over. Still want to, but it's all on DAT tapes, and NOBODY

has a DAT recorder any more.



So crust, what did you play through and use to record your playing?

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