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Kids say the darned thing


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Don't know if others had heard but I bought another house still on the same street but about a mile down the road. I bought the house to set up as a studio with a office my three workrooms etc. and a recording rooms etc. Dont really plan on living it it for a year or two until were ready to downsize from a much larger home. Then the long range plan is to use this small home as our arizona home for retiremnet.


Anyway the little girl from next door is adorable she's three years old and pretty fascinated by the workman and all the strange stuff goening on. she got away from mama and raced over so excited she was calling me hiccup and going on about the read death or something like that . Turns out this little sweetie thinks Im the real version of the boy named hiccup in the movie How to Train your dragons. she thinks this because my artifical sports leg apparently looks just k=like the one hiccup get after his leg is burned off in a dragon battle. her mom comes runner over to appologe even the the kid was perfect but her moth was saying that I was not hiccup and that I lost my lin a normal wau not by having a dragon bite it off. the girl just a]says ok mom and they get ready to leave when the little girl says sorry hiccup she doesn't understand that fire burned my leg off when the red something was attacking and she understand she cant tell her but she want to see my dragon...

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