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A little Mystery


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Hey Guys


So I picked up a 2004 Studio that I can not Identify. Serial number 02004535. First off it's Solid Blue but not a Gem Series. Standard Humbuckers. The neck seems to be a 60's slim taper like the 2 classics I have and even has the same old style Tuners. Where it get's weird is that it also has a ebony Fretboard.


I have already swapped the picups so I had a look inside and everything is Typical Gibson wiring so I'm fairly sure that this isn't some srt of knock off and it sounds and feels like a LP when playing it.


I just can not figure out exactly what it is and it's driving me crazy. :)

The original hardware was the black plastic and I changed it ut to chrome.





Let me know what you guys think.

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