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'68 ES 335 12 questions


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I just acquired a nearly-pristine one-owner 1968 'burst ES 335-12. The headstock is about 2 1/4" longer than that on my standard Nashville '59 Historic ES 335, so it won't fit in the "stock" ES 335 case from Gibson. I haven't yet found specs for a case that might work with this guitar, but I know it's out there somewhere. Also, because the string tension loads are much higher than a regular 335, I am concerned about what strings to use. There's not a huge amount of choice out there, and precious little information on these guitars. And no, I would prefer not to tune the guitar down a step as some do. I use "vintage re-issue" strings on my Nashville '59, but Gibson doesn't make strings for 12's these days. Any input welcome.

Gibsons currently owned: 1948-1950 J 45 (3644 8)(owned since 1966), 2009 '59 Nashville ES 335, 1968 ES 335-12 (980494)

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Re strings for an electric 12 string.....


Lucky in a way to be electric as this makes things simpler with more string gauges available


Two choices IMO


Whether to go for 'unison' tuning ie a set of 8's doubled up to 12


Or emulate an acoustic with lower 4 strings tuned in octaves


My personal solution was to buy a custom set or make up my own as follows....












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