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what kind of strings are these?


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I picked up a (nother lol) Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500M off eBay. I know I already have so many guitars and am trying to save for a Gibson Hummingbird but I got it for just $259 including the shipping! I couldn't resist placing a low bid and ended up actually winning! It has just enough nicks and dings to make it the perfect beater guitar to leave out on a stand in the living room and pick up at any moment. Plus I think I will give my former "beater" to my sister as she's always sad she would like to learn how to play, at least a bit anyway.


Anyway the strings that came on it weren't bad but they were probably at least a couple months old so I though I'd give it a good cleaning and change the strings etc. I took them off and notices the ball at the end of each string was a different color, silver, green, red, purple, black and gold. Anyone know what brand does that? I've only ever used Gibson or Martin strings and am thinking of exploring what is out there with this one.


Also I noticed the action at the nut was great, the neck straight too, but the saddle seemed pretty high and the break angle a bit steep. Not bad or anything, just a bit high action up around the 7th fret and higher. I barely pulled on the saddle and it came right out and I found a shim underneath it. Anyone know if they came from the factory that way or was this something that was added later?

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thanks Fringe, I've heard good things about D'Addario, I may give them a try when it's time to change next month.


And Rich, glad to hear that, I realized that when I got my AJ-500M I took it straight in to have a setup and he actually cut me a new saddle, so ya it may have had the same shim in there. I just tried my new DR without the shim and sure enough it buzzed like crazy on the top B & E strings and the 7th fret was completely dead on the top E as well. All other strings were fine. I took a close look at the shim and it is taped ever so slightly on one side so I figure that was the side to raise them just a bit. Interested that a compensated saddle needed a shim in the first place, but maybe they ship them this way and figure players can adjust as needed.


I put the shim back in and it sounds awesome so I won't bother with a setup or anything else anytime soon! I'll post some pics in a bit.

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Here we go, click the thumbnails for fullsize pics -


The full shot -




The nick on the headstock, the swirl marks where it looks like someone didn't know how to string it carefully (although I've polished it out a bit already in this pic so it isn't as bad looking as it was when it came, and the nick at the nase of the neck -


tn_DSCF4094.jpg tn_DSCF4096.jpg tn_DSCF4097.jpg

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