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Amp question. What to do?


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Guest WiseAxe

You picked a tough forum to ask an amp question. The solid state amp should be ok to pick up right where you left off... just power it up & go. Re: The Blues Deluxe; it would be nice if that tube amp had a standby switch. The preference is to have a standby switch with tube amps. But if your circuit has a tube rectifier, there is a natural safety built in. With a tube rectifier, high voltages will not be passed by the rectifier until the rectifier tube is sufficiently heated, allowing the other tubes to also warm up. So there will be no danger of any cathode stripping effect. If you have a solid state rectifier, the high voltages will be immediately seen at the tubes.


Translation: With the small amount you're using the amp, the shortened tube life shouldn't be an issue.

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Thanks. I ask most questions here because I get the sense people seldom visit the other parts of the forum.

Yep! Plug em in and play!!

It will take a failure before you have to get them fixed anyway... [thumbup]

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