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Lots of beauties on eBay!


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Hmm, yeah the seller only had 1 negative feedback when I checked and that looked like a dumb buyer.


No affiliation btw, just saw lots of yummy old Gibsons!

Feedback is only 94.6..I'd be very careful with this guy..

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I tried to tell myself to stay out of this one, but it is fun to speculate.


I don't think I would mind picking up any of those guitars at the price shown. I could be wrong, because I don't or haven't shopped Gibson much, but I am fairly certain what used Vintage Martins are worth in the states. So here's a guy selling used Vintage, Nothing listed on the US eBay site, but tons on the UK eBay site, and his only rating slam is from a guy in Greece he claims should have read the ad better and realized he will NOT ship outside the US.




And the guy even states he won the auction twice, which means the seller KNEW the guy the second time, and still did not block his bids.


I'm a thinking this guy is very good at what he does, and his email after the sale begins with, The guitar is being held by a third party security firm....


;-) Definitely NOT affiated with any of this, just saying hello.


And from someone that always feels Gibson has a name for a quality instrument that most folks wish they could cultivate.




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