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1950s ES150 question.


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So I have it in my head that I dont need my ES125.. but I DO want an ES150 (1950s with the Crown inlay.. not the CC model)


There is one on ebay. Price is a little high, replaced TP and quite a bit of checking on the finish. None of that bothers me that much..




The seller (who seems very open and above board) checked and rechecked the size of the lower bout.


With a tape ruler the lower bout is 16 and 3/16s. I thought post war 150s were 17 inches (they are.. but when you say 17 do you mean 17 or do you mean more than 16 but less than 18? Just like a 2 X 4 is actually 1.5 x 3.5 )


There is another "es150" on ebay that the seller (again, being open) says is a L50 with added pickups. That would make sense being 16 inches.


Am I being nuts? My ES165 is exactly 16inches across.. and my ES125 is pretty close (I use the same case for both)







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