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New Computer program

ol fred

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new to me anyway.

Load virtually any type of music file, it analyzes the file, gives you the chords and allows you to transpose, type in lyrics and print.

I think it's a great tool for those elusive chords that you can't quite pin down.

Trial version available here: http://chordpickout.com/


I'm looking for a program that forces my fingers to be in the right place on the guitar all the time. Anyone found that one yet? Better yet, I could pre-program my guitar so that no matter what string I strike--and when--the right note comes out. Sort of a "player guitar" like a "player piano". My playing would sound a lot better, for sure.[laugh]

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Drath, I did discover a trojan after I made the post !! but my security software caught it and smoked it. (Kaspersky) Program works and no issues whatsoever


This software is notoriously full of malware.



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